A Report On Meter Rate Adjustment Technical Memo Essay

A Report On Meter Rate Adjustment Technical Memo Essay

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RE: Meter Rate Adjustment Technical Memo
The City of Portland is currently involved in multiple policy updates designed to reevaluate and improve the City’s parking policies. In order to produce the most effective recommendations, the City recently conducted comprehensive data collection within the Downtown Meter District to study current parking conditions. Based on analysis of the data collected and the current goals of Portland’s parking policies, a meter rate increase may be warranted. Binding City Policy 3.102 mandates that any increase to meter rates must evaluated by a committee of stakeholders, and multiple evaluation criteria should be considered. This technical memo provides broad level information on these evaluation factors in order to better inform the stakeholder committee as to the current state of parking within the Downtown Meter District, as well as the impacts of both increasing meter rates and keeping them at current levels. The following table outlines the evaluation factors to be considered.
Transportation System Factors Economic Factors Financial Factors
Parking space turnover trends and statistics. Trends in off-street parking rates for private and public (City-owned) short-term facilities. Costs to operate meter district and pay for meter system capital equipment.
On-street and off-street parking space capacity and occupancy. Policy relationship to City garage parking rates Costs to mitigate parking impacts on surrounding areas.
Traffic congestion and circulation; traffic safety. Cost of other modes of travel (e.g. transit). Costs of unmet district and citywide transportation needs; coordinate with citywide and multi-district transportation needs.
Parking violatio...

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...nover rates have increased 21% since 2008. In a completely efficient system where vehicles were staying for the exact timestay permitted, we would expect to see VERFIY HOURS OF OBSERVATION AND SEE IF THIS COULD IMPACT THE % CHANGE

2. On-street and off-street parking space capacity and occupancy.
Comparing the data collected between 2008 and 2014, the 2014 study found that overall occupancy was, for the most part, higher than it was in 2008, with occupancy rates generally between 60% and 90%. As with the 2008 study, the 2014 study found there to be two distinct peaks of occupancy, one between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, and the other between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm, however, occupancy rates for this recent study are higher than the previous year (see figure below). During these peak lunch and evening times, roughly 50% of block faces see occupancy levels greater than 85%.

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