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A Report On Horse And Rider Essay examples

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Welcome Ms. Smith to Farnam! I hope this email and publication finds you in great health and love of your new job. I have written this publication analysis for you in hopes that you would be able to gain knowledge by studying this information as much as you like. I hope after reading this publication you will become more familiar with our area of agriculture. The item that I will be discussing today in this analysis is the March 2012 issue of Horse & Rider, which is the magazine that holds a high significance of publication for our company and product. Horse & Rider runs numerous ads of Farnam in each issue that is sent out, but it is also targets the perfect audience we need to reach. Although, we would like to reach all livestock groups, our main sales are in the equine and bovine industries. With our product being featured in Horse & Rider, we are reaching such audience. Horse & Rider is a magazine owned by Active Interest Media- Cruz Ray Publishing, Inc. Horse & Rider consists of around 20-30 people, including 5 members that contribute to production, and 3 members that contribute to marketing and sales. Horse & Rider stands alone as the main sought out source for advice, how-to and consumers and sales information. Along with its team of cutting-edge equine professional editors, Horse & Rider is backed with expert advice from many different western trainers and members that make up the dynamic team of Horse & Rider. The editors of Horse & Rider write about what is important to horse owners and what horse owners want to know, along with a featured stories each issue. There is something for everyone in Horse & Rider. There are usually around 30 different articles with in each magazine issue. In the issue that I have been discus...

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...s the world. Horse & Rider has many subscribers, not counting the numbers that are just purchased outright from the local stores. Horse & Rider is easily capable of reaching more and more people than ever imaginable. Without such magazine it would be hard for our company, Farnam, and many others in the agriculture field to connect with consumers. Billboards, word of mouth and local newspapers just don’t reach the number of consumers we would like for our company and products to reach. By being able to publish and advertise our company and products in this publication and many others like Horse & Rider, we are able to reach 100X the amount of consumers we would be able to without such publications. Horse & Rider is such a great and useful outlet for our company to get the word out about our business, our company, our products, and help bring consumers to our company.

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