A Report On Fine Motor Skills Essay

A Report On Fine Motor Skills Essay

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Fine motor skills, one of the area’s Justin scored low on seems to be connected to ADHD and DCD. Being an observer and administering this ASQ to Justin, my observations of Justin and his attention span and hyperactivity lead me in the direction of not thinking it is necessarily he is incapable of preforming some of the tasks, but that he finds it difficult to concentrate. “ADHD is characterized by persistent symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, affecting 3 to 5% of school-age children. Up to 50% of children with ADHD also have motor coordination problems that are severe enough to meet criteria for DCD. In DCD, children demonstrate functional motor performance deficits not explained by the child’s (chronological) age or intellect, or by other neurological or psychiatric disorders (Boudien, 2006).” The biggest problem was for Justin to draw a line or circle this seemed completely foreign to him. He did not seem to know how to use a writing devise to make anything that he purposefully wanted to make. It seemed as if he did not really understand that it was possible to use the writing devise to make a shape or line, even holding the writing devise and trying to connect its tip with the paper to write at all seemed difficult and extremely foreign to him. Boudien’s study stated in its conclusion that “Children with ADHD–DCD are still affected by substantial fine motor problems that warrant further treatment and support in school to overcome functional problems for handwriting and drawing.” These issues where defiantly present in my assessment and observation of Justin. If it is just a concept that he happens to be slow at grasping, enough work has not been done in this area, he has undiagnosed ADHD and/or DCD...

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...the test is administered. The fact that Justin has been able to excel in an area he was once deficient tells me as an observer that he has the abilities within himself to adapt to change and learn with extra attention in areas he is progressing slowly in. It will be interesting to see a year from now how abilities in communication and problem solving is develop. I would encourage Liz to utilize the resources afforded to her. She found it disruptive to her life to have to go to these weekly sessions, but it obviously had a positive influence on Justin’s development and offered her tools for furthering his development. It appears this is a useful course of action, which some parents may neglect because of a lack of knowledge, time or resources. It does seem worth the time and inconvenience after hearing about the positive influence it has had on Justin thus far.

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