A Report On Day Food And Beverage Decoration Essay

A Report On Day Food And Beverage Decoration Essay

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Although it was all-round a well executed event, there were minor flaws that should be addressed and fixed for next year’s exhibition.
The venue itself was quite stark and sterilised; decorations were few and far between, which for me made the event lack ambience. For an average exhibition this aspect would not be so critiqued, but due to the fact that this exhibition is centred on bringing together ‘foodies’ to celebrate food and beverage, decorations need to be implemented in order to meet what it is promising.
Walking around the stalls what I did notice was that there were rarely any environmental practices put into place. For an event/organisation that promotes locally sourced produce (which is to support the local producers and minimise environmental impacts from international export) it surprised me that there was only one recycling bin I could find and that majority of the recyclable plastic cups and utensils were thrown into general rubbish.
The only saving grace in that respect were the wine glasses that you purchase from the show stall and use it for all the wine tasting stands, however, the glasses at $12 each it would seem to be more of a get-quick money making scheme, rather than an environmentally conscious act.
Safety after-care was also lacking, with alcohol making up close to one half of the exhibition it was worrying that there were no shuttle services on offer, taxi stand signs or numbers for a ride home.
The other aspect of after-care lacking was that there were no surveys available at the event, to my knowledge, which I think is important to have. Events need to be improved, they must continue with the times, not allowing the chance to receive feedback and comments is going to result in the event becoming ...

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...ts with lockers or a cloak room option. Carrying a number of bags becomes a burden after a while and I firmly believe it plays a factor in people leaving earlier than planned, as it did for me. Having lockers or a cloak room would minimise the amount of guests leaving early, it would clear up the exhibition floor and it would encourage guests to purchase more goods, which is a win-win situation for both the stakeholders and the guests.
5. Larger entrance and exit
Although when I visited the entrance and exit were satisfactory, for busier days like Saturday and the Sunday it would be recommended for the entrance and exit to be expanded. Only having three doors to get in and out (as the entrance and exit were shared) would not be sufficient at busier times. Having more exits and entrances will ease flow during peak times and will minimise the likelihood of trampling.

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