Essay about A Report On Copper Green Hospital

Essay about A Report On Copper Green Hospital

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Copper green hospital is committed to take care of Jefferson County population with health care without pay. They have good staff of professional who thinks that believe in the good volunteer service to the poor community. Organizations always try to serve as possible as good service to the community. This case tried to demonstrate problem occurs in a hospital management. Management tries to provide service to the poor people who really need good treatment in medical. Organization and media take challenge to provide medication to the required people who can also use their personal Medicare. In first about twenty years organization suffers economically stress and over expenses of medication. Hospital have problem of less staff, and medication and have more patient.
The organization was going to less staff, less of medicines and was overflowing with patients. The important issues that weighed down the organization 's development were as giving reasonable great quality medicinal managements to public of poor country, reorganization systems with arrangements, control representatives and evaluating their accounts, decreasing income, falling organizations and less employment, no fixing improvement of innovations, unfriendly conduct of a few workers towards the patients, powerlessness of the foundation to take into account the expanding requests of the outpatients segment, bringing about long holding up hours and confused patients.
To set up top organization it is needs good management. Good management can solved critical issues, if these kind of issues could not be solve as soon as possible it can be cause so many organization like; it represent negative image of organization, these kind of organization cause patient ho...

... middle of paper ... procedures/activities ought to be received/executed: Expanding the income base by drawing in more patients both safeguarded and uninsured. Teach staff individuals and train them legitimately so that the patients holding up time is decreased and persistent experience upgraded. Go in for vital partnerships with great benefit making doctor 's facilities to access capital and make vital interests in innovation. “The various parts and stages are analyzing the environment (strategy audits, understanding competitors, and understanding market structures), planning direction (organizational mission, organizational objectives, and values and expectations), planning strategy (structural infiuences, strategy alternatives, and strategy selection), and implementing strategy (operational strategies, human resource management, and control and effectiveness)” (Das, T. K. 1991).

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