A Report On Automobile Air Conditioning Essay

A Report On Automobile Air Conditioning Essay

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Automobile air conditioning is use to cool the occupants of the car in hot weather reducing the temperature of the cabin to a reasonable level. This system is associated with increased fuel combustion within the vehicle by about 20%. The transfer of heat process takes place inside automobile air conditioning by the aid of refrigerant substance that carries out the "transfer of heat process" by cycling through the air conditioning system and absorbing heat after being in the gas state and giving off it in the liquid phase. In the United States, vehicles are the major factor contributing to about one third of all U.S air pollution. Automobile result in increased vehicle exhaust emission that affect local air quality and CO2 (greenhouse gases). The ozone is present both in the stratosphere and at the ground level. The upper layer acts as a protective shield to ultraviolet rays from the sun while the ground layer can be harmful to breath.

The chemicals primarily used in automobile air conditioning until 1990 are CFCS which belongs to the ozone depleting group. When these chemicals are released in the atmosphere during the heat transfer process, the ultraviolet rays break its molecules releasing chlorine atoms which attach to the upper ozone protective layer destroying it. The net result is that more U.V rays reaching the earth s surface with the resultant bad effect both on health and environment. The health hazards include increased percentage of people affected by cataracts and skin cancer. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the degradation of the ozone layer will cause 12 million people to develop skin cancer within the next 50 years. Significantly, more than 200,000 of those cases will be fatal. Also...

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...stem are major contributor to environmental pollution. This can be through depletion of the upper ozone layer, ozone-depleting refrigerant, or through the greenhouse gas effect which is associated with global warming process. However, Environmental Protection Agency recently tries to minimize these hazards associated with the use of automobile air-conditioning by replacement of the ordinary refrigerant substances, CFC-12 and HFC-134a, by co2 solution which is devoid of these side effects. Additional control of environmental cost of automobile air-conditioning can be made by designing new vehicles that need less cooling thus lowering the amount of fuel used and emissions of the refrigerant substances used for cooling. Also, a planned co-operation between automobile industries, automobile owners and automobile service technicians will assist in gaining the goal.

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