A Report On Acid Database Properties Essay

A Report On Acid Database Properties Essay

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: What is the "A" in ACID database properties? Give an example of the use of this property and what might happen if the property is not met
A: The “A” in ACID database properties represents Atomicity. Atomicity is described easily using “all or nothing” i.e, if we consider that the database processes the transactions either it should be fully completed or not at all done. If a single task in a transaction fails then the whole transaction fails.
According to this ACID rule, Let us consider two persons John and Bean. When John wants to transfer 1$ from his account to Beans account a Transaction will be performed. This transaction consists of two actions
1, withdrawing 1$ from Johns account.
2, Depositing 1$ to Beans account.
By using this Property, if the deposit action of 1$ to Beans account is failed then withdrawal action from Johns account also should not be done.
Consider that John has 6$ and Bean has 4$ in their accounts. If the ACID property is not met then, when John has started the transfer and in the middle of the transfer from John to Bean if the system fails then 1$ will be withdrawn from the Johns account but 1$ will not be deposited in the Beans account.
4Q: What is the "C" in ACID database properties? Give an example of the use of this property and what might happen if the property is not met.
A: The “C” in the ACID database properties represents consistency. Consistency allows only valid data with rules and constraints enter in to the database. When the transaction accounts to invalid data, then the database returns to its original state before the transaction.
Consider that John has 6$ in his account and Bean has 4$ in his account. Now sum of their accounts is 10$ before the transaction. The use of this pr...

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...elp solve the problem?
A: The problem that can be solved by using EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN is optimizing queries. Explain Query plan is helpful in attaining high level description of a plan that is used for the implementation of a specific sql query.
EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN describes in which way that specific query utilizes database indices.
EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN is not at all useful for select query but can be used for the other queries like update, delete etc.
1Q, Why is it useful to have an index that partially sorts a query if it doesn 't present all of the results already sorted?
A: For providing an index to the table in the database system, the index will be partially sorted during the first phase of building it. In the next phases the response to the accessing portions of the index will be done and then sorting the accessed portions of the index will be done in that order.

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