Essay A Report On A Pacemaker

Essay A Report On A Pacemaker

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Summary Statement: “ A pacemaker is small device that is placed in the chest or abdomen and it is used to help control abnormal hearth rhythm. This device uses electrical pulses to prompt the heart to beat at the normal rate” (nhlbi,, n.d.).

Rationale: A pacemaker consists of three parts: a battery, a computerized generator, and wires/electrodes. Every time when the heart rhythm is not normal, the computerized generator will sense it, send the signal to the generator to send the electrical impulses to the heart via wires/electrodes (nhlbi,, n.d.).

Indications for pacing: atrioventricular block, sick sinus syndrome, bundle branch block, neutrally mediated syncope (rarely), to improve hemodynamic (rarely), and in first-degree AV block with a very long PR interval (Vardas, SImantirakis, & Kanoupakis, 2013).
There are three wires/electrodes in each pacemaker (nhlbi,, n.d.):
• Single-chamber pacemaker: carry pulses from the generator to the right ventricle
• Dual-chamber pacemaker: carry pulses from the generator to the right atrium and the right ventricle. The pulses help coordinate the timing between these two chamber contractions.” In the setting of 2:1 atrioventricular block, dual- chamber pacing is recognized as an effective adjunct in the management of long QT syndrome dual-chamber pacing permits A-V synchrony, guarantees a physio- logical heart rate with the facility for physiological tachycardia, prolongs the life of the generator box, and reduces the risk of R on T pacing and consequent torsades de pointes” (McCrossan, d’Uekem, Davis, & Pflaumer, 2015).

• Biventricular pacemaker (cardiac resynchronization therapy device-CRT): carry pulses from the generator to an atrium and both ventricles. “CRT ...

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...sons for failure to capture.

A person with the pacemaker should avoid prolonged contact with all electrical devices that have strong magnetic field, as these devices could potentially prevent the pacemaker to work properly. Some recommendations are that a person with the pacemaker should keep their cellphones in the packet opposite to the site where a pacemaker was placed and to hold a cellphone up to the ear opposite of the pacemaker site.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shock-wave lithotripsy, and electrocauterization to stop bleeding are three medical procedures that can disrupt the pacemaker.
Normal physical activity is recommended after the recovery. The doctor will check the pacemaker every three months. Battery lifetime is usually 5-15 years and the doctor replaces battery before it starts run low.

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