Essay about A Report On A Green Roof

Essay about A Report On A Green Roof

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A green roof or a living roof is a vegetated covering for a roof with growing medium and plants that take place of ballast, asphalt, shingles or tiles. This is new technology that is directed by the demand for environmentally sound solutions in the building industry. A green roof is a man-made version of a natural soil profile. When rain falls, some are absorbed by the plants some are contained in the substrate and the rest percolates through the filter membrane into the drainage layer. The green roof structure comprises of eight layers, these are: sturdy roof structure, reliable water-proofing membrane, ponding membrane, tough protection fabric, water storing drainage layer, non-clogging separation fabric, engineered soil and appropriate plants. Sturdy roof structure can be made of timber, steel or concrete and must be designed to carry 25 to 100 pounds more load per square foot than the standard flat roofs. Reliable water proofing membrane is necessary because leaks in roofs can be difficult to identify and replacement and repairs become are too costly. Water proofing membranes must be elastic enough to contain building movement, resistant to roof penetration, withstand ponded water and be non-biodegradable. Some rubber and plastic either sheet-applied or liquid-applied meet these criteria. Secondary root -barrier membrane can cover the water proofing membrane if the membrane is water-proofing to inhibit the roots from penetrating. Besides, secondary waterproofing membrane can be used to where water is intentionally ponded so that draining continues in the water proofing membrane. A tough protection fabric is also set up to protect the water proofing membrane from mechanical damage during construction and roof maintenance. These...

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...of energy usage and air conditioning demands. Another problem is the expertise of fitting the cool roofs, this hikes the price of the services which discourages most people from investing in it. Also, generally the cost of construction, maintenance and repairs are generally expensive which makes it inconvenient for most people.

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