A Reliable Information Source Of Disease Essay examples

A Reliable Information Source Of Disease Essay examples

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a. Locate, cite (quote or paraphrase) and share a reliable information source that discusses a degenerative disease experienced at a higher rate among Native Americans (vs. American majority statistics).

Native Americans share a number of degenerative diseases within their race. According to the CDC, they range from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, kidney diseases, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, and chronic lower respiratory diseases (American Indian & Alaska Native Populations, 2015). Out of all the diseases listed, heart disease would be the number one degenerative disease that leads to death in Native Americans versus the majority of Americans. Another degenerative disease such as diabetes contributes to 75 % of heart strokes or attacks which makes the number of people falling victim to heart disease high (American Indian & Alaska Native Heart Disease and Stroke fact Sheet, 2015). Not only is diabetes linked with heart disease, but so is kidney disease and cancer.

b. Locate, cite (quote or paraphrase) and share a reliable information source that discusses health care disparities leading to the degenerative disease above.

Since Native Americans live on reservations, their health care accommodations are very lacking. This is all due to many factors such as geographic and economic factors. This then leads to poorer health outcomes such as heart disease (American Indian and Alaskan Native Populations, 2015). These health disparities contribute to the lack of care Native Americans face. Health disparities such as location and money are huge detriments to their health.

c. From these information sources, discuss one degenerative disease experienced at a higher rate among Native Americans and two health care...

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...h care services to approximately two million people belonging to 565 tribes, particularly those who reside on reservations" (Sequist, Cullen, Acton, 2011). Through IHS, they fully recognize the need for prevention strategies to help bring down the numbers of Native Americans dealing with heart disease. One example of a prevention strategy would be Special Diabetes Program for Indians. This program is geared towards dealing with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It states that these projects encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits among high-risk patients (Sequist et. al., 2011). Another prevention strategy would be the creation of Patient Centered Medical Homes. Through this program they created a new care model that is aimed to improve patient experiences, preventive services, chronic care outcomes, and use of health services (Sequist et. al., 2011).

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