Essay on A Relationship Between Plate Boundaries And The Islands

Essay on A Relationship Between Plate Boundaries And The Islands

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Scientific knowledge shows that there are relationships between plate boundaries and the following features: continental shelf, (SF) continental slope (SL), abyssal plain (AP), seamount (SM), trench (TR) and a hot spot (HS). Without plate boundaries, these features would simply not exist. This is when two moves towards one another in the same direction, they form a subduction zone. In a subduction zone, the subducting plate, which has oceanic crust, moves below the other plate, which is generally continental crust. When this takes place, large mountain ranges are formed, with an example being the Himalayan Mountains. Without the relationship between plate boundaries and the features listed above, large mountain ranges would not exist on earth today.
Based on scientific research, it is proven that there is a relationship between plate boundaries and the islands listed on the ocean floor map. For those who are not familiar with these islands, they are all volcanic islands. Volcanoes are largely affected by the three different plate boundaries. If plate boundaries did not exist, volcanoes would not exist on earth today.
Based on research, one can see that there is a relationship between plate boundaries and earthquakes listed on the ocean floor map. For those not familiar, as plates move, mechanical energy is stored up near the different fault lines that are found around the globe. Being that the fault is held together by friction, elastic forces expand enough for the friction to go beyond the fault slips. When this occurs, this results in an earthquake. According to Flynn (2014), "The slipping fault also produces elastic waves that travel outward from the fault and cause the ground to shake" (p. 2). When this occurs, humans exper...

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...on record. Tamu Massif is located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean roughly 1000 miles east of Japan. According to Sager (2005), “Its summit is over 6500 feet (2000 meters) below sea level. This remote location and great depth made it very difficult to collect information about the volcano” (p. 1).
One of the most extreme volcanoes in the world is Ojos del Salado. Ojos del Salado is similar to Kilimanjaro being that it too is a stratovolcano. Ojos del Salado is located in the Andes Mountains and has an elevation of 22,615ft. According to Sager (2005), “It is also the second-highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, the second-highest in the Southern Hemisphere, and the highest mountain in Chile” (p. 2).
All in all, based on research, it does not seem logical that Kilimanjaro is a much bigger volcano compared to other volcanoes that can be found around the world.

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