A Relationship Between God And The Earth Essay

A Relationship Between God And The Earth Essay

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"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"(Genesis 1). As God forms the world he includes life and makes human beings. As the first humans on life it was God 's meaning to have a relationship between himself, as the Creator and his creation. As an expression of love, he made humans as image of himself. Instead of following God 's plan, human beings decided to live upon themselves and ultimately destroys their relationship with God. This relationship builds up as easily as it is broken down, and this cycle continues.
The result of this deteriorated relationship, evil, envy and pain enter the setting and sin enters the world. As Adam and Eve disobeyed God 's command, "evil grew and God was forgotten"(TGS, 1). God 's never ending fight for his creation, led him to establish a covenantal relationship through a faithful man named Abraham. Because of his trust in God, he received a promise; that his descendants would be multiplied and blessed. It was a unilateral promise that didn 't extend any conditions from God. At an old age, God gave Abraham a son named Isaac, who later became the father of Jacob. Jacob was re-named Israel and his twelve sons would represent twelve tribes of Israel. The people of Israel we 're called Hebrews.
A famine grew on the land and so Jacob traveled with his family to a safer place in Egypt. As the population increased, the leaders known as pharaohs worried that the Israelites would become more powerful and would take over. As a result, the people were enslaved and the people were in misery for about 400 years. God stepped in and this led a baby named Moses to grow up with the Egyptian princess. Moses was sent to the desert and his job was to free his people that originated from Israel. A...

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...nant. Empowered by the Spirit, they worship and characterized by a devotion to Yahweh.
"There was a vast diversity of backgrounds and languages. Soon practical issues of the church 's structure and order began to emerge. While some of the new converts were generous and giving, others were selfish and could best be characterized as hypocrites"(TGS, 326). God had a great plan for his disciples as they continued to carry out his work through trials and tribulations. Even though God 's people continued to fail, because of sin, Yahweh always extends out his love and builds relationships. The Bible is the truth and gives,"coherence and structure to our understanding of the universe. It gives meaning to our experiences and direction to our decisions"(TGS, 8). God gave his creation free-will and through him, we have the decision to have an everlasting relationship with him.

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