Essay on A Relationship Between Extended Family And Friends

Essay on A Relationship Between Extended Family And Friends

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I have family members who are located throughout several different states. My son lives in Arizona. My daughter lives in South Carolina. My mother, my siblings, and my nieces and nephews live in Casper, Wyoming. Also, I have an aunt who resides in Kentucky and another Aunt who lives in Florida. First, the relationship between my family in Wyoming and my family in Florida are disengaged. According to the class textbook, “the disengaged family members live within the hollow shell of relationships that used to be” (Galvin, 2000). Disengaged families avoid conflict, and in my family communication is limited to phone calls once every other month. My children and I communicate regularly by telephone, email, and social media.
Communication is a key tool in maintaining relationships. Including family that we are close too, if there is an absence in communication. Everyday people complain that they have lost touch with friends and family members. In the case study, Mediated Communication between Extended Family and Friends, researchers Emilee Patrick and Crysta J. Metcalf, examine how family and friends communicate long distance. According to the article there is a lack of information available about how people communicate with external friends and family members. The conclusion of the analysis will include three critical thinking questions for the class presentation.

Communicating with External Friends and Family
There are many families that have extended families and friends that live in different states and countries. Most relationships are like plants, plants require sun and water to live, and relationships require communication in order to live. In the case study, Mediated Communication between Extended Family and Friends, ...

... middle of paper ... questions included within the class presentation are as follows:
1. Is it possible to loose relationships within families if communication is unavailable?
2. Would the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” pertain more to friends than family members, when communication is limited?
3. Can you name one person that moved away and you have lost contact with? Why?
Also included are the following questions:
4. When communicating with family and friends what would you say is the more effective communication tool?
5. “It is clear that people need better reinforcement of “closeness” to maintain mediated relationships, but what form should that reinforcement take?” (Patrick, 2015).
This analysis was person to me because I have family members who are located all over the U.S. There are family members whom I have lost contact with. The cause of this was lack of communication.

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