A Reflection On The Vip Volunteer Program Essay

A Reflection On The Vip Volunteer Program Essay

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Volunteers are selfless beings, who are vital participants in societies and give their time to helping individuals and the community at large. Volunteers work with others as a team to make a meaningful contribution to a better community. The VIP (Volunteers Interacting with Patients) program has a local and global relevance by promoting the involvement of people in the lives of communities and of a wider society through its projects and volunteering. This experience has instilled in me a stronger connection and awareness of people in my community, as well as, people in other societies.
This semester I had the opportunity to work as a VIP volunteer at the CAMC General Hospital, where the VIP volunteer program originally started. Previously I have worked as a VIP volunteer at CAMC General Hospital during the summer of 2015, so I was familiar with what my duties were and what my expectations would be. I wanted to volunteer to learn and gain leadership and social skills as I interact with hospital staff and patients, and to contribute to my community and CAMC. I believe each person has a civic responsibility to give back to their communities. Volunteering in the VIP program was a way that I thought I could enjoy giving back to my community, because it involves more responsibility and there is interaction with patients in the hospital. Volunteering falls under the category of advocacy. The reason volunteering falls under advocacy is because this type of work revolves around human compassion and is non-profit. I wanted to volunteer not to just benefit myself but to most of all benefit my community.
Originally, the CAMC VIP program utilized volunteers to meet the needs and make visits to patients who were 65 years or older and who ar...

... middle of paper ...

...that and provide my service and skills abroad to areas that are in need.
The VIP program at CAMC General Hospital was created to improve patient safety, satisfaction and service. They promote the involvement of people in communities and wider societies, and what they hope for is to inspire others to get on board and help others. If everybody came together for the purpose of improving their surroundings the world would be a better place. I chose to volunteer to learn, gain new skills, and to contribute to my community and other people. I believe the service I brought as a volunteer was truly beneficial and helpful to many people. I enjoyed making peoples days and I hope I did inspire people to want to help society in any way they can. For me, volunteering was a wonderful experience and it taught me many lessons I will take with me in my personal life and career.

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