Essay on A Reflection On The Profession Of Nursing

Essay on A Reflection On The Profession Of Nursing

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According to Larsons (2016), Gallup poll showed that nursing was ranked the most trusted profession for the 14th year in a row. In 2016, 85% of Americans voted that nursing held a very high standard of honesty and ethical standards. A portion of the American population may view nurses as they are portrayed on television and in movies as this stereotype of being over-sexualized and a sex symbol. Another, stereotype is nursing is a profession only meant for women. With all these stereotypes and opinions out there the real question is what is the public’s view or image of the profession of nursing? The point of this paper is to explore different views on the profession of nursing the positive and the negative ones.
Before discussing various public views, we most explore why a positive image of the profession of nursing is so crucial. The only reason why a positive image of the profession is so crucial is for our patients and their family members. When patients comes into the hospital nurses want to make them feel like they are in good hands. As nurses, we want any stereotype to be put aside and gain the patients trust, so that we can provide them with the best care possible. We need our patients to trust that we have their best interest at heart, will always advocate for them, and most importantly keeping them safe on their journey back to health.
As mentioned, nursing is seen as an honest profession with high ethical standards by a large sum of the population. According to Zerwekh and Garneau (2015), the public should view nurses as autonomous and component enough to make difficult decisions. An example I’ve experienced is deciding to give a blood pressure medication, like a calcium channel blocker such as Cardizem to someone ...

... middle of paper ...

...e most continue to educate, support, and advocate for our patients.
As you can see, there are many different views on the profession of nursing positives ones and negatives ones. The stereotype of nursing being a women’s profession is still very prominent making it difficult for men to see themselves in this profession. The media often portrays nurses as several different things that create a bad image such as, incompetent, caring little about their patients, or over-sexualized. Lastly, many still would like nurses to dress in the traditional white dress finding it easy to identify the nurse from other professions and finding the white dress to be professional. With representing ourselves in a professional way, knowing our value, and just continuing the support and great care we give our patients we can change the image of nursing and get rid of these stereotypes.

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