A Reflection on the Political Beliefs of a Woman Thirty Years Ago Essay

A Reflection on the Political Beliefs of a Woman Thirty Years Ago Essay

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I wonder what your political beliefs are now that you have grown to learn more about various political ideologies. However, I would like to remind you of your political beliefs 30 years back. The issues of inequality ranging from working class exploitation to unfair treatment of people in country really baffles me a lot. Seeing thousands of street children and poor people labouring for the rich yet earns nothing keep my heart bleeding day and night. I think is high time we move from being capitalist, liberals, feminist to socialist to eradicate this inequality in the country. This is because even though the liberals advocate for equal rights, their idea their point of individualism does not ensure equal distribution of properties and wealth between members of the society. In the same light, although I like the part of feminism that advocate for equal opportunities and ownership of property by women between men, I do not agree with the part that says women should be ‘equal’ as men.
Although, I do not dispute the fact that humans have different abilities, they should be treated equally. Equality is a fundamental value that bring about unity and social cohesion (Heywood, 2012). Therefore, People in the community should be treated equally irrespective of their abilities. In community where people are treated equally, they turn to be identified with one another as social creatures bond together by love, care and sympathy leading to cooperation among them. With this love and sympathy for one another, they work towards a common good rather their selfish needs. This collective effort with mutual benefits will rewards everyone equally as the benefit is for everyone, including the poor and weak in the society, which leads...

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...ts. As humans are born with different abilities and skills, so are women and men born with hormones. Therefore fighting for equality of women with men is veg. Women should embrace their natural differences with men and rather fight for equality in terms of opportunities and ownership of properties.
Although I do not know your political beliefs now that you 50 years, I hope you have enjoyed reading about eradicating inequality in our societies and understood why you were a socialist 30-year back. I wish you all the best in the commencement of your new communal cotton factory in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Yours Sincerely,

Heywood, A. (2012). Political Ideologies An Introduction. 5th ed. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.24-250.
Mahama, J. (2012). My First Coup D'etat. 1st ed. New York: Bloomsbury.

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