Essay on A Reflection On The Mind Over Matter

Essay on A Reflection On The Mind Over Matter

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This article above all else reaffirms my strong belief that the phrase “mind over matter” is one of the most accurate saying uttered by man in our brief existence. The mind has always had the power to heal and destroy. This can be proven throughout the thousands of years of recorded history that we have at our disposal.

Though this article was recently written. It is obvious that man, perhaps instinctually, always knew to some extent that the best way to live was with an optimistic point of view. Why else would the core preset of most globally popular religions and beliefs be happiness? Let’s take Christianity, which is safe for me to talk about since myself am a Jesus person. If we look at the stories of the suffering of the believer of the first Christians in a purely historical fashion. We see that these dudes were the most optimistic guys in the history of literature. Now I realize that this is a pretty bold statement so allow me to explain. These men, whether you believe in the bible or not, believed with every fiber of their being that they were guaranteed a kingdom of peace when they died. This gave them the will to face the most painful deaths ever we can imagine. That take more optimism that I’ve seen in our entire country. Just think about that! In our 1st world standards that like if someone broke in my house and stole all of my stuff. Then decided blowing up my house with the gas he syphoned out of my car. Then after he was done with the house, deciding to blow up my car that had my phone in it, just to show me that he want me to achieve no happiness. Then imagine me turning to my friend who was standing next to me watching it all happen and telling him that insurance will cover all of the damage no problem. Not o...

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...or seatbelts, people wouldn’t change. Yes I realize that this is a pessimistic view on pessimists. But with society the way it is now, it would be especially hard to change our unhealthy views on life into positive, optimistic ones. Not because of the world tragedies that are occurring. World and local tragedies have always occurred and people have been able to look up. No I think that with all the self-absorbed habits and products that we use hold us back. As well as all the negative TV shows, and magazines. That only exploit the faults in others. With all of this waist filling our brains for a quick buck. Big questions that need to be asked are, what will it take for people to want to get out of their pessimistic lifestyles? Will they ever want to? I think that once we answer these questions, we can take steps to become a more optimistic, mentally healthier people.

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