A Reflection On The Importance Of Prayer Essay

A Reflection On The Importance Of Prayer Essay

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During this session we had two observers myself and Sarah. This is my observation. Group began approximately 10:20am; the group was made up of ten females and one male. This later changed when another male enter the group; therefore in total there was twelve member in this session. The group began with rounds and everyone stated their name and how their morning was going thus far. The first topic the group discussed was based on family and rejection. This was interesting because the more we discussed the issue; we found that there was an underlying issue that was bothering one of the members. This brought a reflection and commonality of the members. The common issues was the loss of a parent and how each individual has been able to cope and grieve. The feedback was positive and emotions were on high. The group went from a sad somber moment to a tense moment of rage and anger. Around 11:25am the topic change; the discussion moved to the importance of prayer in school. For obvious reasons this was a touchy subject; I have learned in the past; DO NOT discussion religion within a large group. This topic quickly change to the missing plane around 11:30am and about 11:40am we was given a brief history lesson on slavery and Jim Crow.
Since was our second meeting I think it’s fair to say the groups explicit norms are the seating arrangement. It served two purposes: one to let each individual know where to sit week after week and two it helps the individuals get familiar with each other’s names. The only new norm that was implemented was the tossing of the ball when it was ones turn to speak. But, by the end of group that idea was quickly eliminated. I think it’s safe to say the groups implicit norm is starting group by introducing yours...

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...others perspectives: mainly a male’s point of view. This was of importance, being that the group today was formed of 12 individuals; 2 males and 10 females. There was changes in leadership as the topics changed, those that felt more educated on a specific topic chimed in and engage others with enlighten subjects.
At the present time I still getting a feel of the group and it dynamics. I don’t have any suggestions at this present time, but if any do come to mind I will make sure to bring them to the group’s attention. To conclude, I believe the group is doing well, is being able to engage in a topic of choice and give positive feedback those that can benefit for it. I believe we as a group are working on the dynamics and understanding of a T-group itself. Overtime and more session we give us a clearer understanding a help us to develop in areas we are struggling in.

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