A Reflection On The Field Of Nursing Essay

A Reflection On The Field Of Nursing Essay

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Nursing is a remarkably satisfying profession that cannot be considered as simply a career or any regular job. Nurses have an amazing ability to touch a person’s life in an exceptional, yet incommunicable way. The field of nursing provides an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others. Integrating faith into health and wellness can make a world of difference in the way in which one practices. “Various studies have related faith to the preservation of physiological (Gardiner et al. 2012), social (Jensen et al. 2013) and relationship- related integrity (Karlson & Berggren 2011)” (Granero-Molina et al. 2014). Being that I was never the most religious person, or the most expressive in regards to my faith, I can undeniably testify to the impact of Christianity in my life and how it will continue to influence my life in the way I care for my patients.

Faith can mean different things to different people, however I find one meaning particularly quintessential. According to Yilmaz and Gurler, “spirituality is characterized by faith, a search for meaning and purpose in life, a sense of connection with others, and a transcendence of self, resulting in a sense of inner peace and well-being” (2014). Faith isn’t necessarily an action, but a feeling an individual has deep inside that guides the way they carry themselves, and in the instance of nursing, the way in which they care for their patients. Up until a few years ago, I never really understood the meaning of faith and I could easily say, I still fully don’t. However, ever since I started searching for my true purpose in life and reaching out to the Lord in the process, I have felt His presence in everything I do. There are moments when I feel

overwhelmed, especially in...

... middle of paper ...

...g etal. 2009), improve the coping process and generate adaptive responses as death draws near.” (Granero-Molina et al. 2014).

We, as future nurses, are far more than fortunate to have such a sensational means of connecting with our patients on a spiritual level. Nursing calls for an impeccable individual to really shine in every piece the field requires, including the influence and how to incorporate one of the upmost important parts—faith. The knowledge and education needed in order to heal a person’s body is crucial, however possessing a sense of faith and spirituality closes the circle and makes for a complete package. “The foundation of this religious faith, moving away from any logical demonstration or objectivity, is the belief in God, from whom we hope for help in times of vulnerability, illness and death (Kant 2013, pp. 128–129)” (Granero-Molina et al. 2014).

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