Essay about A Reflection On The Action Plan

Essay about A Reflection On The Action Plan

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Action Plan
Among four areas of teaching inclusion, I am going to discuss the motivational issue. One thing we know about FE learners is that they have short attention spans. This is especially true at the beginning of the year.
One of the challenging aspects of becoming a lecturer is to keep the learners motivated. We should know how to motivate our students. Students without motivation will not learn effectively. They won’t remember material taught in the lesson, they won’t get involve in the learning process and some of them may even disrupt the lesson and learners. There can be various reasons for learners for being unmotivated in the lesson. They may feel that they have no interest in the subject, find the teaching methods un-engaging or be distracted by other forces. It may even come to light that a student who appeared unmotivated actually has difficulty learning and is need of special attention.
Motivated learners are excited to learn and participate in the learning activities; they can even motivate and inspire teacher to teach. Some learners are self-motivated, with a natural love of learning. But even with the students who do not have this natural drive, a great teacher can make learning fun and inspire them to reach their full potential. Motivated learners are likely to value the course they are studying and understand the importance of the course in helping them achieve their goals after the course has finished (Fuller & MacFayden, 2012).
In my practice, I have seen learners are enthusiastic about the course in the beginning and the certificate and proper job at the end of the course. However, their motivation in coming to the lessons goes down as course progresses as its same class and similar activity. I would lik...

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...ples where learners get involved and Make participating fun by giving each student a job to do. Give students the responsibility of tidying up or decorating the classroom. Assign a student to erase the blackboard or pass out materials. If you are going over a reading in class, ask students to take turns reading sections out loud. Make students work in groups and assign each a task or role. Giving students a sense of ownership allows them to feel accomplished and encourages active participation in class
Fuller, C. and MacFadyen, T. (2012) 'What with your grades? ': Students motivation for and experience of vocational courses in further education. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 64 (1). pp. 87-101
Marshall, K. (2012) ‘Fine-Tuning Teacher Evaluation, Teacher Evaluation: What 's Fair? What 's Effective? Educational Leadership’, 70( 3) pp. 50-53

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