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A Reflection On My Life Essay examples

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It was early morning when I felt my grandpa’s firm hands on my shoulder as he shook me awake saying, “Sai, wake up.” I sprung up from bed, and went through my morning routine feeling excited, as I was eager to accompany my grandfather for the first time in his weekly ritual of donating blankets to the homeless in our village. I was always curious to find out why this was so important to him. As i started walking through the dark hollow streets, I couldn’t help but feel empathy for the poor as although it was my first time out that early I felt my blood filling with ice and my legs starting to shiver. It felt to me as if the whole view suddenly lit up with multiple fires looming in the distance, as if the dark sky casted all its moonlight into one area. After we reached the area my grandfather explained to me that he wanted me to do his job today, I went from person to person passing out the blankets. Many of the poor thanked and blessed me, which made me realize how even a small act of kindness could be so significant. After we finished, my grandpa spoke, “Sai, always help those who are not as fortunate as you are. This ritual is what my grandfather followed, and my father after him and I have been carrying this out for 40 years and now you should learn to start caring for other as well.” From then on I accompanied my grandfather daily for a whole year by passing out blankets as well as giving out food as well, and I took my grandfather to be my role model because he showed me the importance of helping people and being a caring individual.
My grandfather was like any other grandpa, compared to me now he was like a tower, 5’10 in height and weighing at 200 pounds and had a long beard, that anyone would mistake him for a santa cla...

... middle of paper ...

...in bed unable to sleep and my days unable to concentrate on my studies. His kind disposition, his wise outlook, his confident and protective embrace and his last words to me as I was leaving India would resonate in my mind as I thought about the many fond memories we shared. Sadly, a month later, my grandpa passed away.
It is important to me to stay true to my grandpa’s values and do my best to help anyone in need and always maintain good behavior . My grandfather’s words and actions inspired me to become a doctor because pursuing a career in medicine would enable me to carry on his teachings on a daily basis in the most effective way possible. I know that I can never see my grandfather again, but when I reach out to someone and make their day just slightly better, I become the four year old boy passing out blankets, and my grandpa is right there next to me.

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