A Reflection On Learning Needs Essay

A Reflection On Learning Needs Essay

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learning needs.
While working on this project I quickly learned that “fairness” is a relative term and definitely a matter of perspective. When talking to the guidance counselor she gave me a list of what she referred to as the “musts” within the schedule. Then she gave me a list of requests that are typically made. The majority of those centered around teacher wants and desires. There was no mention that “we do this, so that students can…”, or “the reason we do this is because it’s a SIT goal.” (p.29) I found out that teachers actually discuss scheduling and who will teach what classes in departmental meetings. What we do a poor job of is building the schedule around specific needs. (p. 30-31) With SCHS being in the early stages of PLC’s the data is not driving school change which will, in my opinion, eventually change the scheduling piece. For those students who will leave us career ready we will need to ensure the schedule provides them with opportunities for internships and work related experience. (p.31) At Swain High looking at the data and using student feedback will be critical components in developing and maximizing the schedule. I have addressed the diverse needs by attempting to restructure an underutilized period built into the students’ daily schedule, called Career prep. I have provided this time period with focus based on identified needs at SCHS. I also utilized failure rate data to make changes to the Freshmen Academy. These changes and the rationale are provided on pages 31-36.

4c2. Works with others to implement district and state evaluation policies in a fair and equitable manner.
I was able to satisfy this descriptor by adhering to the legal requirements in scheduling. Teachers must be placed in teaching assi...

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...is what I do each and every day. I have included the agenda for the FA meeting at the end of the school year as a separate document.
5d2: Works with others to effectively implement district rules and procedures.
I am district personnel who works at the high school and two of the current initiatives at the high school are part of my responsibilities. I oversee the Career Development Team. This is a combination of the counselors and student related services. Our goal is to ensure that Swain County School’s vision statement (Every child will graduate ready for college and/or a career.) becomes a reality. I have included a separate document which shows the number of times we met with students and identified “at-risk” students and worked with them and their families to ensure success. I am also responsible for the implementation of the Leader in Me. Currently the teachers

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