A Reflection On Learning And Teaching Writing Essay

A Reflection On Learning And Teaching Writing Essay

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It is my belief that writing is a fundamental skill that can be inter-connected across all disciplines, that teachers must have a strong knowledge of content to be effective, that metacognition is an important aspect of learning and teaching, and that building self-efficacy is detrimental to the success of learners of all ages. This reflection paper will discuss new knowledge, theories, and strategies discovered thus far, a plan of action for integrating knowledge into teaching writing, issues teachers face in regards to writing including the strengths and challenges of observed middle school students, the development of my personal attitude about writing over time, my personal strengths and challenges as a writer, and other topics of interest.
To begin, the Daly-Miller’s writing apprehension test helped me to better understand my own feelings and attitude toward writing. Unfortunately, not everyone loves to write or be evaluated on their writings. After analyzing the results of the test, I realized that I have a slight fear of writing evaluations, but I also anticipate the feedback that comes from them. Understanding my own apprehension as a writer can help me understand and assess the apprehension of my students.
Also, we discussed the concept of self-efficacy. It is extremely important for all learners to set positive goals for themselves and to believe that they can achieve those goals. My student teaching experience in a Title 1 school has taught me that not all teachers encourage or assist in the development of student self-efficacy. After reading Self Efficacy and Writing: A Different View of Self-Evaluation by Patricia McCarthy, Scott Meier and Regina Rinderer, I have introduced self-efficacy to my students and expresse...

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... it comes to formal and informal writing. My biggest goal is to enhance my vocabulary. Also, I sometimes focus on the creativity of my writing for too long. Perhaps this is a strength and a weakness. Today, I think I’ve grasped the overall concept of writing. I love to write. I love the way sentences sound when words are arranged in congruence with each other. I love the rhythm of poetry, and the power I have over words when conducting my own written work.
Finally, I love to read. When I was in middle school I fancied over poetry, science fiction, and romantic novels. Now that I am about to graduate college, I prefer reading scholarly articles and academic journals. It never ceases to amaze me the intellect that some writers have and their admirable ability to make words come alive on paper. I look forward to learning more about composition, style, and pedagogy.

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