Essay about A Reflection On Interpretive Signs

Essay about A Reflection On Interpretive Signs

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Week Four: Interpretive Signs
After class, when I reflected the lecture, I felt very excited because I understood how to design interpretive signs. Before I joined this lecture, I did not know there are many principles in design interpretive signs. I just thought that these signs are explanation boards which have some information, tell us some stories, and let us pay attention to them. I learned a lot in this lecture, especially how to design a good sign.

When I learned some principles to design interpretive signs, these things reminded me of my trip to Tasmania. Several months ago, I went to Tasmania. During this trip, I visited Port Arthur, a former convict settlement and now as a famous museum. This was my first time to visit this museum and I knew nothing about its history and stories. Therefore, I followed a tour guide and I knew some stories about the former convict settlement. After the guided tour, my visit trip was followed by direction signs. I found that the interpretive signs in the Port Arthur are very clear and easy to read. For example, there was an interpretation board to interpret the main building, some pictures on this board to show the changes of the building, like in some years this building was fired or in some years it was stabilized. This board gave me a clear process of the building changes. If there was no picture I cannot remember this process, because I cannot image how this building become to this structure. This board used pictures to attract visitors to read and remember this story. The text in the board is easy to understand, English is a second language for me and I can know the meaning of the text. Moreover, this interpretation sign had a great location. Firstly, it is on the way to t...

... middle of paper ..., but now I know this recycle can also have an environmental impact. Therefore, I would tell them the benefits of recycling and I believe our family would keep this recycling as a good habit.

We all know that environment protection is an issue gotten more attention, and we all understand how important to reduce pollution, keep species diversity and using green energy. However, many people just talk without taking any action. As an old sentence said a man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. We cannot do anything if we never take actions. So, how can we start? For my personal experience, to protect the environment, we should start from ourselves, from little things such as throw waste into the garbage. If we do these things day by day, we can influence the people who around us. I think the environment will be better than before in our efforts.

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