A Reflection on Coaching Essay

A Reflection on Coaching Essay

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Pre-Assessment View of Coaching
The author has initially likened the term coaching to a sports team. In this context, the coach attempts to inspire the team to win games. Sport coaches help players realize their potential and motivate them to perform through discipline and teaching them relevant skills, techniques, and tactics. This is usually achieved through mutual communication and the fostering of meaningful relationships with the team members.
The coach becomes a motivator and a facilitator of growth or athletic skills. This growth will ultimately lead to the attainment of individual and group goals. For the sports team, the coach will lead its members’ growth in developing training, providing encouragement, and monitoring their progress. The player will become more skillful in the game. More skillful players win. Sport coaches will assess their players’ overall strengths and weaknesses by placing the player in a position which accentuates their positive attributes, in an attempt to overcome any negative aspects.
Post Assessment View of Coaching
Coaching is quickly becoming a new profession outside of the team sports arena. Executive coaching is considered a popular intervention for organizations interested in developing their employees. To further enhance the development of executives, businesses and business schools are utilizing executive coaching (Gehlert, Ressler, Anderson, & Swanson, 2013). Almost 60% of major US companies are using executive coaches for employee development (Newsom & Dent, 2010). Executive coaches assist in identifying specific goals and provides the client with the tools, perspective, and the structure to accomplish those goals. While executive coaching is similar to consulting, con...

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