Essay about A Reflection On A Class Interview For A Senior Social Worker Intern

Essay about A Reflection On A Class Interview For A Senior Social Worker Intern

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This paper is about a reflection on a class interview for a senior social worker. The teacher gave every student ten minutes for this interview. The students did not have an idea of what their situation was about until couple minutes before the interview. This paper will focus on the limits of confidentiality for the client, potential assessment for the client, engagement with the client, and evaluation of the social worker.
The story was about a social worker intern who was placed at the hospital emergency room. The social worker intern had to do an intervention to one of her classmates who is in the same social work program, Ralph. Ralph arrives in need of facial sutures after being involved in a fight at a party. With him is a 14-year-old girl who tells that she is his client at a foster family agency. They are both extremely intoxicated. The social worker intern was told to evaluate Ralph since he reportedly told a nurse he would kill himself if a word of the incident got back to the university.
Limits of Confidentiality
Working in an emergency room makes it difficult to maintain client’s confidentiality. Every client in a hospital has the right to keep their information confidential, unless required by law which can include: notification of infectious diseases, notification of suspected child abuse, legal process, necessary for public interest, and serious criminal activity. In Ralph case, the social worker can suspect of child abuse since he came in with a 14-year-old girl. The social worker intern is a mandated reporter which it requires her to do a report to a child protection agency. The agency will decide if there is a child abuse in Ralph case.
Ralph does not want any information to be released to the univer...

... middle of paper ... of the classmates did agreed that the social worker did a great job in staying calm and was able to understand where Ralph was going through. The cultural influences is that a minor was involved, the social worker intern did a good job taking her out of the session and making it clear that she knew that the girl was a minor.
The social worker intern only had 10 minutes for this interview, she did not have enough time to get more information from the client. There are a lot of areas where the social worker can improve. The feedback from classmates did help her to know what she did wrong and ways she can improved for her future sessions with other clients. By reading the book, Direct Social
Worker Practice: Theory and Skills, and doing research for a hospital confidentiality the social worker has also learn new things that will help her in the future.

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