A Recap Of Telling Women 's Lives Course Essay

A Recap Of Telling Women 's Lives Course Essay

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A Recap of Telling Women’s Lives Course
From the moment humans are born, the role of gender takes a vital stance. Gender is known to differentiates a man from a woman, and vice-versa. Thus, an awareness of intersectionality creates the identity of an individual. therefore, illustrates the life events a person will endeavor. As far as history goes, women are an important factor but history fails to recognize the revolution and impact women made upon society. The word itself reveals it, it’s his-story. However, through the study of the lives of activists, feminist-leaders, authors and even, my grandmother, these women share a common ground, the knack of flourishing. Women have demonstrated through personal experiences and public revelations, whether it’s good or bad, the encounter of evolution.
While women often battled against stereotypical, such as homemakers, mothers and caretaker, their labels are optimistically changing to leaders, warriors, and breadwinners. The capacity to achieve success (not necessarily in net worth but focused in power, growth and discovery) were often repressed and prohibited them to exceed past the comfort zone. Although females are known to hold worthy to the traditions and beliefs set from early childhood, they have proven to combine the best of both worlds. For instance, my grandmother’s migration to another country and lifestyle changed her. Her mindset became sturdier and more determined as ever. In the short story of “Three Generations of Native American Birth Experience”, Harjo Joy accepts the fact that her daughter’s pregnancy changed the traditions of her family. It unified their relationship and Harjo noticed that the future of her family had evolved from Native American traditions to modern...

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...st a wall that forces them to see the reality as it is. Gender has become a hardship conquered by women throughout history. Nevertheless, events such as death, illness, separation and discrimination are obstacles women often encounter. But by the experiences, they develop and farm empowerment. Empowerment is not only towards their lives, but the lives of others that surround them. Women’s histories have demonstrated to break the chains of the cycle of cultural relativeness and naturalization.
Actions often make a difference, in a long or short term approach. Physical change is evident, but a mental change is what causes revolution in the gender role of females. There is nothing like the confidence to be self-aware of a future and embrace a challenge. Whether relative to career, traditions, personal embrace, or social judgments, women’s history showcase flourishing.

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