A Real Life Us Breast Cancer Essay

A Real Life Us Breast Cancer Essay

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To completely understand the US’s high standards, it is necessary to look at a real life US breast cancer survivor story. Darrelleen Lewis was diagnosed August 6, 2013 with stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC), which is the most common type of breast cancer in the US. She said that the cancer was found on a mammography and that was a biopsy was necessary to determine what exactly the spot was. Darrelleen received a called from her nurse giving her the terrifying news that she had breast cancer and she replied, “I can’t have cancer, and I’m far too busy and too stubborn to have cancer.” This just represents that no one is ever ready to get this disease and it doesn’t care who you are, it can and will attack anyone. After consulting with the specialists, she was given a choice, have a mastectomy and a medication as a preventative measure, surgically remove just the tumor and receive radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of both, or just radiation and chemotherapy. She said that she received thorough information about all the different treatments and the doctors/nurses were very knowledge and could answer all of the questions she had about each of the different options. Darrelleen decided to get a double mastectomy and take Tamoxifen, as it was the best situation for her family and herself. She is still currently taking Tamoxifen (preventative medication) and will continue to take it for another 7-8 years fore sure if not longer depending upon what her doctor decides. After hearing all of this information about her involvement with this disease, I wanted to know what her day-to-day experience with breast cancer was like. She said, “Sure cancer sucks and it’s hell, but I found it early enough that I have a chance to fight back ...

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...w scared the women are. Those are all things that could weigh their decision one way or another, but I found it interesting that only 3% believed it was all four as I thought that’d be the highest one chosen. In addition to the women’s beliefs, the study discussed self-breast examination and if the women knew how to properly perform the precaution or not. The major detail I gathered was that 70.8% of market women had no idea how to perform a SBE (Oladimeji, Tsoka-Gwegweni, Igbodekwe, Twomey, Akolo, Balarabe, Atilola, Jegede, Oladimeji). That statistic is horrible, if the women cannot perform a simple precaution to save their life, what are the odds you are going to go to the doctor? Slim to none. In conclusion, Nigerian citizens’ knowledge/awareness of breast cancer is lacking tremendously which is a large proportion of the reason why Nigeria has such low standards.

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