A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin In The Sun

Poverty doesn't have to effect the people's personalities that I consumes like most of the Youngers. Mama, Ruth, and Beneatha did not let being poor make them envy any one who had money. Walter on the other hand was sick of the way he and his family had to live. He was fed-up and was desperate to make money any way he could think of for his family.

" You see, this little liquor store we got in mind cost seventy-five thousand and we figured the initial investment on the place be bout thirty thousand. See. That be ten thousand each" this quote is Walter telling Ruth that he wants to go three way split with Bobo and Willie Harris. For the initial investment they have to put down ten thousand dollars. But Ruth has heard this all before and she doesn't want to hear his non-sense so she retaliates to avoid hearing more by saying. " Eat your eggs, they gonna be cold." Walter " Man say to his woman: I got me a dream. His woman say : eat your eggs." Walter thinks Ruth does not care at all about what he is saying but the truth is she is annoyed by him saying the same thing over and over again.

Walter Sr. was Walter and Beneathas father he died and his wife mama received ten thousand dollar for life insurance. Walter wants the whole ten thousand dollars for himself and put it down on the liquor store. But Beneatha wants to go to medical school and be a doctor. Walter thinks that it is selfish of Beneatha that she wants to attend medical school because he then wouldn't get all of the money for the liquor store. Beneatha "that money belongs to Mama, Walter, and its for her to decide how she wants to use it. I don't care if she wants to buy a house or a rocket ship or just nail it up somewhere and look at it. It's hers. Not ours hers." Mamas getting all the money and it is up to her if she wants the money for herself give it to Beneatha for school or give it to Walter for the liquor store. Now that it is getting closer to the date in which the money will arrive. Walter is acting more and more desperate for that money.

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Mama " what was and your brother fussing bout this morning . Brother still worrying himself sick about that money?"

When the check did come it was the most money the family ever had and every one was in great excitement. Mama " Well I don't know what we all so excited about round here for. We known it was coming for months." Travis " Ten thousand dollars. Gaalee. Grandmamma, you rich." This was both a happy moment and a somber moment for Mama. Because it is ten thousand dollars but the money represents the death of her husband and all that he has worked for. It is all summed up into a little piece of paper worth ten grand.

Once Walter found out the check had arrived his immediate attention and question went towards mama with out any consideration toward any one else. The suggestion to Mama to give Willie the money for the store was instantaneously denied by Mama for she didn't want any part in the business. Mama " there ain't going to be no investing into no liquor store." now that Walter is infuriated he finds out some very important news about what is happening in his family. Ruth is pregnant and since they can not afford another baby she is thinking about having an abortion. Walter may lose a child if he keeps acting like he is and making his family do these things because they cannot
afford another child there isn't any room in the apartment and Walter may lose is job because hasn't been attending work. Now it is up to Walter if he wants this child because Ruth has already seen a doctor for the abortion. This where Walters devotion to get out of poverty's grasps can actually kill a future younger.

Walter finally gets out of poverty's choke hold and steps up as a man and most of all as a younger. He invited Mr. Linder over to discuss the news he was going to present for this man. Walter stats " And we have decided to move into our house because my father my father he earned this house for us brick by brick." Walter steps up for the family and says that they are going to keep the house and live in the all whit neighborhood. Walter did this after he said he was going to sell the house for more money than what he paid and degrade himself and the younger name. He said he was going to take more money for the house because Walter gave the rest of the money to Willie behind his family's back, and Willie took the money from Walter and disappeared.

In conclusion poverty can change any one it effects peoples personalities and way of living is superfluous. People would do things that they would never think of if they were not poop. Just like in Walters case when he took the rest of Mamas money and gave it to will Harris which will then disappeared with the money. Then after stealing the money and then losing it Walter was willing to humiliate the family name to make more money that he lost for the family but if he did so he would tarnish the younger name which would be much greater then a few extra dollars.

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