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A Radical Experiment: 24 Hours of No ComplainingThose of us who celebrate Thanksgiving all have our own special traditions. One of the most common traditions many of us will share this Thursday is taking turns around the table saying what we 're grateful for.

It 's so important to take some time to reflect and express gratitude for the life you live. As you know, this month we 've been discussing gratitude. We talked about the benefits of gratitude, and even shared a story about expressing gratitude during tragedy.

Today I would like to share with you a short curated list of 10 ways to cultivate gratitude. My hope is that you 'll find one or two things you 'll add to your life, to increase your expression of gratitude daily.

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is the most popular way to practice gratitude.

What you 'll need: A journal or notebook and a good pen. It is recommended to put actual pen to paper for this exercise as the physical act of writing is a therapeutic part of the process.

How it works: If you purchase a gratitude journal, it will have regular prompts to guide your thoughts on what to write each day.

However, you do not need to purchase a special journal, you can create your own gratitude journal by simply taking the time every day to write down something that you 're genuinely grateful for. You can write as much or as little as you like, but make it a habit to write something down every day that you 're grateful for.

Further Reading: Not sold on the power of a gratitude journal? Here 's an article from Oprah... yep, that Oprah, and her gratitude journal.

Journal Recommendations: The Five-Minute Journal & Gratitude, A Journal

5min journal guys: @AlexIkonn & @ujramdas

2. Write a...

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...u can say a prayer of thanks for relationships, opportunities, or experiences.

What you 'll need: Just the time and place to think. Even just a few seconds alone is enough.

How it works: Saying a prayer of thanks is pretty simple. You 're just telling God or your higher power that you 're grateful for whatever you for the things you 're thankful for.

Here 's a simple script you can adapt to fit your own style prayer:

Dear God, thank you for another day.

Thank you for this opportunity to acknowledge the blessings all around me.

I just wanted to say that I 'm truly grateful for _________________.

Thank you again for this blessing.


As you 're praying, be mindful of the things you 're expressing gratitude about. Don 't just go through the motions.

Further Reading: Six Beautiful Prayers of Gratitude

Author: Matt Catlett - Twitter: @mcatlett

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