A Questionnaire Based Study That Employs A Self Selection Sampling Technique

A Questionnaire Based Study That Employs A Self Selection Sampling Technique

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This is a questionnaire-based study that employs a self-selection sampling technique which is one of non-probability sampling techniques. The technique is useful when researchers want individuals or organizations to take part in a research on their own accord(41). There may have a wide range of reasons why respondents are volunteer for such a study, including having particularly strong feelings or opinions about the research, a specific interest in the study or its findings, or simply wanting to help out researcher.
According to a report of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in 2016 there are 72 private and 46 public higher education institutions (HEIs) operating in Cambodia—77 are in Phnom Penh and 42 in provinces(42). The HEIs in Cambodia provides associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees for students; however, approximately 91 percent of students are self-supported for their degree(43). There were 227,395 students enrolled in 2014/15 for all degrees(42); however, this study will be randomly selected only 1800 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 11 public and 12 private HEIs. Additionally, 50 professionals and policymakers, experts, traffic police officers, and government officials are also invited in order to get more practical advice. There is no restriction to respondents regarding their social backgrounds such as gender, age, level of income, residence, and year of study.
2.3. Questionnaire Design and Measurement
The questionnaire is designed in Cambodian language and consisted of 60 questions and divided into three sections—section A is about demographic information, the experience of alcohol use, alcohol availability, and advertising, and alcohol policies and management; section B is about ...

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...alcohol use among students but also to ensure the safety for all road users.
Thirdly, the alcohol use has been regarded as one of the main factors for morbidity and mortality which are the chronic non-communicable diseases in Cambodia according to the Cambodia National Development Strategy Plan 2014-2018. Therefore, the study will provide another direction toward a specific target group of victims whom policy makers and development partners are trying to combat for in order to achieve that national strategy.
Finally, also contribute to the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) for which previous studies were using this TPB to study in other fields rather than in the field of alcohol use drink-driving behaviors. Meanwhile, an addition of moral norms to the original the TPB will also bring a new measurement and predictor to the theory for future prediction of other fields.

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