Essay A Psychologically Framed Expoloration of Human Nature: The Wild Duck

Essay A Psychologically Framed Expoloration of Human Nature: The Wild Duck

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The Wild Duck one of Ibsen’s later plays not only shows his great talent for mimesis writing with a social depth and distinguished realism, it offers a psychological framed exploration into human nature. The first scene focuses on social space both in terms of class and family. The Wild Duck offers an illusion or picture of reality. We can analyze and discuss many patterns of actions in the play as a whole. In Act II a pattern of actions that caught my attention was the constant effort on behalf of Greger, to free Hjalmar from the illusion that his family is perfect. Eventually Greger manages to shatter that by driving Hedvig to commit suicide. Greger finds out that there is a secret being held back from him in Act I, that his father Werle will not share, but soon he finds out from Hjamer when he announces that Gina, the old housekeeper to the Werle family is his wife now. Werle had an affair with Gina, and Hjalmar does not know that, Greger believes that it’s his duty to confront his childhood friend Hjalmar of the lies that he has been living with. Greger soon heads out to the Ekdal Family in conquest to reveal the horrible secret the family has been living. Greger’s involvement with the Edkals Family has a lot to do with his own family letting him down, and he realizes that he doesn’t want others close to him get hurt, such as Hjalmar. His approach to letting him know what really happened in the past is making sure that he is constantly in his life. When Greger found out about Ginas and Werles affair he quickly took action. He moved himself into the Ekdal’s Family to convince each of them that they are both living a lie. Greger focuses constantly on the past when he is surrounded by the family members; he quickly hints a probl...

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... tragedy. I think as a director the acting skills I would use most likely with my actors is to know if they are capable approaching indirect action on stage, I think that’s something that the production will consist of repeatedly. The theme throughout the play is constant illusion of self awareness and others around you. I need an actor who can go on stage and become the place and time. The set would consist of few elements, major obstacles of what I want to get across to the audience, by doing that it won’t take away from the feel of the play and what’s it trying to convey. This is a story of an idealistic son of a corrupt merchant exposes his father’s duplicity, but in the process he destroys the very people he wishes to save. Gregers Werle forces his friends, the Ekdals to confront the truth about their lives, but the truth only serves to wound them further.

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