A Psychological Indication Of Mental Disorders And Social Scientist, Law Enforcement, And Animal Advocates

A Psychological Indication Of Mental Disorders And Social Scientist, Law Enforcement, And Animal Advocates

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One in five murders of children are committed by other children. For many people, children who kill are monstrous and it is unthinkable. These kids were once rare deviants but here lately it’s becoming more common place. I would like to explore this phenomenon by looking at the Mcdonald triad theory that uses three main variables, animal cruelty, pyromania, and enuresis during childhood and/or adolescence to explain aggression that graduates to violent crimes against humans. For example, Tallihet and Hensley (2008) asserts that youthful animal abusers graduate to later aggression against humans. This hypothesis known as the “graduation hypothesis” is now accepted by clinicians, social scientist, law enforcement, and animal advocates. In Singer and Hensley (2004) firesetting is theorized to be a less severe or first shot at releasing aggression. And finally bedwetting is a psychological indication of mental maladjustment. According to Franklin (2012) even though the literature on violent behavior contains many references to the Macdonald triad, collectively these studies do not provide sufficient evidence of its ability to predict violence, nor, in fact, of its existence as a bona fide phenomenon. However I would like to look at these variables individually, because they are indicators of child abuse which studies have been found to be a precursor to juvenile violence and crime. Furthermore, the literature will show that there is a strong link between firesetting and animal cruelty to future violence against humans. In identifying these adolescent children and providing support for them, not only can future crime against humans be alleviated or at least reduced, the adolescent can receive the intervention they need.
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...ency. Justice, Justice, and Kraft (1974) have asserted that the ego triad largely occurs simultaneously with factors that may be better predictors or violent adult behaviors.
In 1958, Joseph Michaels presented a point of view that not enough serious thought and research have been devoted to the relationship of persistent enuresis to juvenile delinquency eventually leading to the conclusion that these conditions are manifestations of character disorders. According to Michaels (1964) one of his hypothesis suggested that the conception of control in which persistent enuresis manifest a deficiency in control that may be considered as a psychobiological paradigm for the later manifestations of delinquency and psychopathy. Persistent enuresis and persistent delinquency generally indicate character disorders with the common denominator of lack of control (Michael, 1964).

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