A Proud Spanish Speaking Middle Schooler Essay

A Proud Spanish Speaking Middle Schooler Essay

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¿Por qué solo enseñas español?

A proud Spanish speaking middle schooler is about to transform into a high school freshman. Her name is Sarah. Su nombre es Sarah. Sarah has had required Spanish classes in the past. Most of the classes were extremely easy for her. She now looks forward to learning a new language in a new school. She has heard that high schools offer other language courses such as French and German. This young lady has always dreamed of living in Paris and wanted to start learning French right away. During the final month of her 8th grade school year, she and her peers had signed up for their new classes. She registered for all her required courses and started looking at the different electives. Her eyes scanned over the classes under the Language section. She stares in disbelief. The list reads, “Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, AP Spanish.” “Why do they only offer Spanish?” She asked. “Spanish is my first language. I don’t need to learn it all over again. Where are the French classes?” Now she must find another way to learn French. But she does not have enough money to buy a Rosetta Stone or any other language learning software. She feels like she will never be able to accomplish her dream in a timely manner. This all happened because her high school only teaches Spanish.
Sadly, the situation stated is the same situation a local Madison child could experience. The Madison High School can only offer its new students Spanish courses. However, in the past they have taught French and German alongside Spanish and English. Why have things changed? What can we do to bring back the good ole’ Madison High? As much as South Dakotan politicians hate to hear, the solution starts with more school funding. But first, let’s ela...

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...eady lets students take online courses. We should not limit what our students’ ability to learn.
If we fix the way we approach teaching secondary languages in public schools, perhaps the Spanish girl who dreams of Paris can fulfill her destiny. Emailing and making petitions to support more school funding could remind our representatives that our 50.4 million students deserve an advanced schooling experience. Teaching children a secondary language at a young age is proven to improve academic performance. The students’ accelerated learning could improve South Dakota as a whole and help our state skyrocket off the “Worst Academic Performance” list and onto the “Best Public Education” list. We can make a difference. We can make our future brighter and more advanced starting today. Please, think of the children. ¿Por qué solo enseñas español? Why do we only teach Spanish?

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