A Proposed Easy-to-Use Classification of Mandibular Fractures Essay

A Proposed Easy-to-Use Classification of Mandibular Fractures Essay

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There are many classifications put forward for describing mandibular fractures. Most of these classifications are not without complexity, making it difficult to use it for clinicians specially in emergency circumstances. Some of them are very comprehensive and gather too much information which can be good for theoretical purposes but not for practical utilization in clinics and hospitals.
Clinicians prefer to use easy and ready-to-be used type of classification. Le forte classification for maxillary fractures though not very comprehensive but still used by most clinician because of its simplicity. Similarly recently Graham Mount has proposed a new classification for dental caries. Though it gives detailed information regarding size and site of the caries lesion but is not accepted by clinicians globally. On the contrary, Black's classification for caries though does not fulfill the requirement of present-day dentistry but used owing to its simplicity and readiness for use, it is widely utilized.
Keeping the necessity of easy-to-use classification in mind, a retrospective study has been performed on 1745 patients treatment records. These patients attended Maxillofacial Department at Warsaw Medical University for treatment of mandibular fractures.

To analyze mandibular fractures on clinical and radiological bases in the patients treated for mandibular fractures.
To classify mandibular fractures on the basis of clinical and radiological evaluation.
Material and Methods
This is a retrospective study of patients' treatment records and radiographs who attended maxillofacial unit of Warsaw University in the year 1988-1992 and 2001-2005.
Records of 1745 patients were analyzed including 1492 males and 253 females, who were trea...

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...nd D1 means that the fracture is with dislocation.
Occlusion O0-O2: O0 means that the arch is edentulous, and O1 means that the dental arch is complete or partial without change in the occlusion, and O2 which means that the dental arch is complete or partial but with malocclusion.
Tooth in fracture line T0-T2: T0 means that no tooth in fracture line, and T1 means that there is healthy tooth in fracture line, and T2 means that there is tooth in fracture line but suffering from caries or periodontal diseases.

Conflict of Interest Statement: There were no financial and personal relationship with other people or organization that could inappropriately influence our work.
Acknowledgement: We thank Prof. Wanyura Hubert, The Head of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of Medical University of Warsaw for his assistance with the patients' records included in this study.

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