A Proposal for the International Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Essay

A Proposal for the International Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) set out a model of the Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) in 1997. The model underwent revision and reforms in 2007. The text puts a proposal that international law completely eliminates and bans the use of nuclear weapons. The proposal has general support from the international system. Over the years, security at the international level has faced opposition when it comes to the disarmament of nuclear weapons. Discussions that are concerned with the risks of nuclear weapons and the options for disarmament have been featured in several international law conferences with the increase in the back up for a world free of nuclear weapons.
The end of Cold War did not bring an end to the threat of nuclear weapons. In fact, even though countries with nuclear weapons have undertaken reduction of their warheads, they have not fully abolished the arms race for nuclear weapons. Most nuclear weapons are still in existence and active. The curb on nuclear weapons still holds, but there are still fears of a nuclear conflict. There are still materials that can be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Nuclear energy is also on the increase. Therefore, there is high chance that nuclear weapons and their precursors are still prone to be used to carry out terrorism.
In 1970, there was a nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which accepted Russia, the United States of America (USA), France, China, and Britain as nuclear powers. From that time, several other countries have had nuclear weapons like India, Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan. In 1991, Iraq’s potential for nuclear weapons was destroyed through the USA military force. It is possible that Iran has the capability of developing nuclear weapons which...

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...entifies the varying political situations. For instance, it assesses the issue of nuclear terrorism and nuclear power renaissance. Negotiations on the model NWC provide a platform to share the different views concerning the abolition of nuclear weapons.
There are various activities and objects that have to be monitored for the successful abolition of nuclear weapons. For instance, research, development, testing, systems of delivery, and materials for total nuclear weapons. Some of the activities can be easily detected, for example nuclear explosions while others need thorough monitoring like hidden nuclear arsenals. Nuclear weapons may be successfully abolished if there is transparency and strengthening of trust among the involved parties. There are various measures and methods that may be used to detect nuclear weapons (Kalinowski, Liebert, Scheffran. 2000: 61-68).

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