A Project Of The World Bank Or The Imf That Created Problems For The Nation That Received Its Assistance

A Project Of The World Bank Or The Imf That Created Problems For The Nation That Received Its Assistance

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Written Assignment

Research and find one project of the World Bank or the IMF that created problems for the nation that received its assistance. Describe the project and what the negative outcomes were. Explain whether or not you feel that the negative impacts could have been avoided? Why or why not? Further explain your opinions on whether you believe that international financial institutions such as these could consistently provide assistance in an objective, unbiased and responsible manner. Why or why not? If you do believe it is possible, then how could it be ensured? Your paper should be at least 500 words in length.

My sketched pattern to tackle this assignment:

o Statement.

- {Purpose of the assignment}.

o Introductions.

- {introduce World Bank / IMF}

- {introduce the assisted nation(Nigeria)}

- {Brief description of the assisted project and aim}

o The problems inflated or given birth.

- {list and explain problems inflated or given birth to because of these assistance}

o Suggestions.

- {List how I feel the problems can be tackled}.

o Why I believe on IFIs.

- {propose how my believes could be ensured}

o Conclusion.

- {my conclusions}

o References.

- {my references}

Let’s get started!

o Statement

This is a research, find and written assignment that thrives to describe one project of the “World Bank (WB)”, or, in relation to the “International Monetary Funds (IMF)”, that created problems to a nation (Nigeria), who received assistance from them.

It will describe;

§ The Project

§ The problems emerged as a result the assistance of the provided by the “International Financial ...

... middle of paper ...

...There won’t be much issues in economic infrastructural dropdowns in Nigeria.

o Why I believe on IFIs.

The main reason of my believing and will encourage the continuous existence of the IFIs in general is the tendency it has to terminate Poverty in the LDCs.

I strongly believe acknowledge the Globalization advantages involved in it due to the freedom of trade and gates opened to trading world-wide. Barrier is the Sister of Poverty.

o Conclusion

[*] As I promised to explain why I strongly disagree with the negative provocations against the World Bank (WB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and in General the International Finance Institutions (IFIs), is that “We” should deeply look at the progressing advantages of these institutions rather than biting up ourselves with our Domestic issues. I am sure many of us will agree with me.

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