A Project Management App On Our Own Individual Expectations From The First Week Of The Simulation

A Project Management App On Our Own Individual Expectations From The First Week Of The Simulation

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Our firm’s greatest strengths as a team was our availability and overall chemistry. We have all had past group experiences that have been impossible to get together and motivate. As a team we all had a mutual understanding of our own individual expectations from the first week of the simulation.
Our project manager, Anna Gong, made sure that we all were on the same page about communication and teamwork. We all installed a project management app called Asana on our mobile phones. Asana is an app that helps teams track their work progress, delegate tasks, and communicate with ease. Joe Gardner, our data analyst, made a couple of spreadsheets along with Anna. They uploaded them to Google Docs so that we as a team could enter our previous decisions and results to understand the market trends better. Joe also made a document, ‘chart of findings’, for recording observations related to the research reports and putting them all into one chart that separates regions, channels, and products. Because Joe and Anna made these resources available we were really able to pull through as an influential firm in our respective Industry (D).
On one occasion one of our team members had a family emergency and had to leave the country for a week. Latiefa Almugairin is our regional manager for region 3, and she informed us in advance that she would not be able to attend our weekly meeting for Q7 decisions. She has done a great job for us in region 3, and we knew we had to do our best to make up for her absence that week. Anna volunteered to take on the extra responsibility to fill in for her region and managed to keep our Hyperware product performance strong with the majority of the market share across both channels.
Our team chemistry was another one of...

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...d consumer perceptions. We then learned in a few decision areas, it is better to be consistent to our original value proposition than to swerve between strategies.
Other teams may overcome the same difficulties we faced by sitting back a little bit more in the beginning in terms of product development. The main piece of advice would be to really focus on generating demand in Q4 and to make sure all the relevant research reports are ordered for generating demand as well as product development. We saw that a lot of the other firms weren’t spending nearly as much as we did in marketing, and we felt that also contributed to our high availability. However, because it’s a simulation, availability might not be as important in the next simulation. That is why it’s important for teams to trust the quarterly reports and compile all their insights into an easily navigable tool.

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