Essay on A Project Life Cycle : A Piece Of Cake

Essay on A Project Life Cycle : A Piece Of Cake

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A project’s life cycle: a piece of cake
Many projects vary from large commercial endeavors to small hobby-like activities. Baking a cake can be seen as a casual activity by many, however, due to its process it should be considered a project. After all, there are numerous steps that are taken to accomplish such a simple project. On a grander scale, building a hospital should not be left to the inexperienced since there is very little room for mistakes. A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Meredith & Mantel Jr., 2012). Projects need to be broken down into sections that when put together, we see an end-result, in other words, project life cycles. A project life cycle is the series of phases that a project passes through from its initiation to its closure (Project Management Institute, 2013). When project life cycles are identified and strictly followed, it will make for any large project seem like a piece of cake.
Project life cycles
Project initiation and planning
Successful projects go through a lengthy initiation and planning stage. This cycle could appear slow and lengthy considering all the factors. Every phase of initiation and planning need to have well-defined tasks and goals. Tasks such as identifying the project manager, a manager that can collaborate and coordinate with others to reach the project’s goals. To effectively manage a project, the manager ought to know which project objectives (cost, schedule, or performance) are most important at any given time in the project life (Kloppenborg, 1987). Design, cost, and schedule are essential factors to identify in the planning cycle as they all relate to one another. The design should take cost into...

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... operation and their start to new projects. In some instances, the project manager is available after the project is turned over in the event of unforeseen issues or new projects.
Project management can be an overwhelming, yet rewarding experience, especially if the project is completed within the parameters set in the initial planning cycle. Since projects are temporary in nature, the success of the project should be measured in terms of completing the project within the constraints of scope, time, cost, quality, resources, and risk as approved between the project managers and senior management (Project Management Institute, 2013). By strategically planning the project, executing and controlling to specifications, formally completing the project, and successfully implementing and following the “stretched-S” pattern, any project can be seen like a piece of cake.

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