Essay about A Profile Of Direct Competitor

Essay about A Profile Of Direct Competitor

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3.3 Profile of Direct Competitor
General Motors’ direct competitor is the company that operates in SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code 3711 – Motor Vehicles & Passengers Car Bodies. In this paper, the direct competitor of General Motors is the big three automobile companies with similar market share and accounted for total 60% of market share in the United States. Therefore, General Motors’ direct competitors are Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Fiat Chrysler. (See Exhibit 4)
Among the four companies, Fiat Chrysler is the only one company that recorded the highest growth in market share in US from 2011 - 2015. This market share growth is relevant with its the revenue growth. In 2015 the total vehicle sales increased but some companies recorded lower vehicle sales, such as Ford Motor Company. In general, General Motors is the leader in the automotive industry in the US in term of market share, which accounted for around 17% of vehicle sales for 5 consecutive years from 2011 to 2015. However, its market share tended to decrease from time to time due to the new competitor in this industry. (See Figure 3-2)

Figure 3.2. US Automotive Market Share
Source: Company 10K Report, Bloomberg Terminal 2016
Globally, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler’s revenues increased during the period of 2011 to 2015 and Fiat Chrysler recorded the highest revenue growth (19.60%) among the competitor. On the other hand revenue of GM and Ford tend to grow in slow growth rate. GM recorded the lowest revenue growth in the last five consecutive years, from 2011 to 2015, which is 0.34% in CAGR. Ford also recorded only 2.35% in CAGR for 2011-2015. (See Figure 3.3. and Exhibit 1)

Figure 3.3. Revenue of Automotive Industry in US

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...ity of its employees, independent dealers and sales are in North America and primarily in the U.S. Fiat Chrysler is supported by 77,871 employees around the world in 2014. In North America segment, the company operates 38 manufacturing facilities, 23 in the US, 8 in Mexico, 6 in Canada and 1 in South America. In term of market share, Fiat Chrysler is in the fourth position among the big four players in the US. Its market share is 12.82% of US market or 2,228,000 unit sold in 2014 .
The strategic partnership between Fiat and Chrysler into new company Fiat Chrysler enhanced the capabilities of the company. Fiat Chrysler would have access to Europe market for Chrysler brands such as Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep. Fiat Chrysler is also known as the producer of small, stylish and economical cars. As the trend of the green car, this capability is very crucial for a carmaker.

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