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A Process Of Natural Selection Essay

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After all, decay also leads to growth and improvement. Charles Darwin proposed that there is in nature “a process of natural selection [which] results in the survival of those organisms best suited for their environment and the elimination of those not fit” (Functionalism, 108). In other words, only those species that adapt to their environment, will be the ones that will populate and preserve their presence in the world. It is in “The Governor Pyncheon” chapter that we observe that the doctrine that Charles Darwin proposed fits to the death of Judge Pyncheon. The narrator tells us that Judge Pygeon is sitting at the old parlor of the old house. The narrator, then, hints at the idea that the judge has died, for he is not asleep. The watch of his hand is ticking, then it stops. The fact that the watch has stopped hints at the idea that Jude Pyncheon’s heart has stopped beating. But the narrator does not stop there, for he commands Judge Pyncheon to rise up, and he asks the Judge to make his choice “whether to be subtle, worldly, selfish, iron-hearted, and hypocritical, or to tear these sins out of [his] nature” (213). This scene unfolds in a way that nuances and confirms that the Judge Pyncheon is unfit to shift his outlook; he is unfit to let go of past; he is unfit to give up the old house and his greed as well. Even in the last moments of his life, he was incapable of changing his nature and his thought-process. Therefore, Judge Pyncheon’s death ressembles to the extinction of a species that is unable to adapt to continue the cyclical evolutionary process of life; nevertheless this explanation only presents half of the picture, because the death of Judge Pyncheon signals two important events: first, it signals the end of the fi...

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...a new future is reinforced and reflected upon the elm tree, which at the beginning of the story appeared to be lifeless; now, it is completely the opposite, for the tree has been gifted with new foliage. Thus, the idea of renewal and life as a cyclical process is implied in this image.
To sum up, the House of the Seven Gables, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne unfolds under the terms of material inheritance and inherited characteristics, both which carry a fixation on the past; this leads, in turn, the decay of most Pyncheons and a sense of hopelessness; nevertheless, it is the awareness of being in a state of decay, for Phoebe, and Hepzibah mainly, what empowers them to leave behind their personal past, and emancipate from repeating the wrongdoings of their ancestors. This way, they can become freer individuals that look ahead to unfold their lives in their own terms.

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