A Presentation For Special Education Service Delivery Essay

A Presentation For Special Education Service Delivery Essay

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Description of the Artifact:
Artifact 1: For Artifact 1, under Tab G: Collaboration, the Power Point Assignment, Barriers to Collaboration, from ELSE 5083 Collaboration for Special Education was completed. Students were asked to develop a PowerPoint presentation for the course. The topic was to focus on the collaborative practices for special education service delivery in the participant’s school district and community. The presentation was to focus specifically on the barriers that make collaboration challenging for educators, especially for special education professionals. Additionally, candidates were to include how educators collaborated with parents, how paraprofessionals were utilized within the learning environment, and how the special education process was followed within the learning environment.
Artifact 2: For Artifact 2, under Tab G: Collaboration, three Co-Teaching Lesson Plans were creating during the graduation course ELSE 5083 Collaboration for Special Education. Candidates were asked to design three lesson plans that could be co-taught with a general classroom teacher within a specific content area subject. The lesson plans were to use appropriate approaches for co-teaching and clearly describe each approach. The lesson plans were to also provide a detailed description of appropriate modifications and adaptations for students with special needs. Additionally, the project must describe the specific roles of each teacher and include accommodations for students with varying disabilities.

Artifact 3: For Artifact 3, under Tab G: Collaboration, the Parent Interview Assignment from course ELSE 6183 Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, was completed. Students were to identify...

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...iscussing the questions. One of the parents that I interview told me that she had been approached before to complete an interview, but she didn’t feel comfortable discussing such personal feelings with others. However, she told me that since I was also a parent of a special needs child, and could relate to the questions, she felt much more comfortable completing the interview. I believe completing the interviews should definitely impact how educators interact with students. But, how often do educators ask the “real” questions that are in the interview? Personally, I have never had an educator ask me questions about our family dynamics or fears. I believe if more educators consider the emotional aspects of raising a special needs child, more positive relationships and mutual understanding would form between the families and educational professionals.

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