A Prayer On Sacred Hawaiian Land Essay

A Prayer On Sacred Hawaiian Land Essay

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As the movement gained support, the group organized demonstrations and protests to express their opposition. In these demonstrations, the participants stand together and recite traditional chants that honor the land and their ancestors. The concept of expressing kindness towards the enemy within the Christian tradition is seen within the recent protests against the construction of telescopes on sacred Hawaiian land. The songs of the Israelites served as a source of solidarity that fortified their spirits and revived their identity. Within Hawaiian traditions, chants are recited in unison to thank our ancestors, offer peace within cultural spaces, as well as unify a group of people gathered together. Throughout recent demonstrations and protests, native Hawaiian participants have used various chants to remain in solidarity with each other and to remind themselves that they are collectively striving towards freedom from the oppression of the United States federal government.
The concept of expressing kindness towards the enemy within the Christian tradition is also seen within the recent protests against the construction of telescopes on sacred land. The leaders of these demonstrations urge the rest of the supporters to chant and protest with Kapu Aloha. Kapu Aloha, translated as sacred love, entails that the protesters remain respectful towards their opponents and the police officers present, in order to voice their concerns clearly (http://www.protectmaunakea.org/#!protocols-for-kapu-aloha/c1d5). In expressing Kapu Aloha, they are not intending to cause conflict with anyone, but are seeking to articulate their arguments to their opponents so that they are understood and not ignored.
I personally believe that God is present wit...

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...my people, I know that this goal should be implemented through dismantling the details that contribute to our oppression. Since we are adamant towards the preservation of our environment, I should reevaluate my daily practices that could harm the environment. I should also correct any racist or ignorant remarks that I notice rather than ignoring them. Furthermore, I should become more informed of the issues my people face by researching the intricate legal processes of the perpetrators in their attempts to desecrate land and exploit my people. Prior to conducting this research and learning of liberation theology, I assumed that I was already actively involved in the efforts towards the liberation of my people. I now know that there are opportunities for me within all aspects of my lifestyle that would be necessary for me to contribute to the liberation of my people.

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