Essay on A Powerful Alliance Of Faith

Essay on A Powerful Alliance Of Faith

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A powerful alliance of faith, became the voice beside advocates of peace as local and national leaders arose together to celebrate compassion in addition to tolerance of secular background as well as religious freedoms. The order of the evening began with our own Dr. Scott Olsen who spoke with elegance and grace as the host of ceremonies, careful to respect and honor each neighbor in compassion and humility throughout each introduction. As a result of hard work to promote mutual respect of religious freedoms, celebration of diversity and to overcome barriers of prejudice as well as fear the honored guest Rabbi Jack Moline and other Interfaith Alliance leaders showed true grit on common religious ground to stomp out hate and extremisms.
In my opinion I believe these topics are long overdue, religious freedom is needed in order to flourish in harmony and mutual respect. How can we as humanity celebrate diversity if we hate our brother or sister because she’s black, white, Korean, Jewish, Christian, worships Buddhism or an atheist? The sooner we realize our job is to love, in the understanding reality is that no one religion is perfect, we all fall short, period.
Hard work indeed to promote common ground between people of diverse religions and secular backgrounds is an ongoing battle not only in the churches but in our daily lives. The mutual respect needed to secure equality throughout mankind is staggering and to assume one faith will endure all is preposterous, we must stand together or we will surely die collectively. Even at my table there was two priest that sat beside me and four Christians, each devote in our faith and willing to die for it, but still words were said at my table that the Jews didn’t kill Jesus the Roma...

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...n introduced Reverened Peggy Hostetler.
Reverned Peggy Hostetler, an extremely energetic speaker and invited everyone to please look around the room and take in the diversity in the room. I felt this was refreshing, heck our table was just as diverse as the room. Two black people, to Jewish priest, and two from England, pretty cool. Next Dr. Olsen introduced Reverned Dales Stewart who is the Founder of interfaith Alliance of Marion County, he informed us of personal challenges he had faced and overcame.
Finally to bring closure to this historical event, aas a result of hard work to promote mutual respect of religious freedoms, diversity and to overcome barriers of prejudice as well as fear, honored guest Rabbi Jack Moline and other Interfaith Alliance leaders showed true grit on common religious ground, to stomp out hate and extremisms while protecting civil rights.

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