A Positive Response From The Classroom Conversation Essay

A Positive Response From The Classroom Conversation Essay

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After receiving a positive response from the students (L4) and teacher Phuong makes another turn with the discourse marker ‘OK’ to express her agreement (Fraser, 1996) (L5), the sequence arrives at the transition relevant place (TRP). However, after a three second pause, without any student self-select, teacher Phuong decided to brings up a new issue for discussion (L7 & 8). This turn also marks an interesting moral value emerging from the classroom conversation where teacher decides to select a proto-moral value to discuss with students. The issue brought up here is that the young generation’s clothing nowadays receives growing complaint from the old generation. By deciding to raise this issue, teacher Phuong demonstrates her sense of a moral guide role as a teacher that signals her to bring up the topic of the youth’s inappropriate choice of clothes. Her target is not only to get students’ opinions on the issue, but also to get student thinking about the social context they are living in and to raise the awareness of what is considered appropriate in terms of appearance and outfit. Through a closer look at the microelements of discourse and text, it is apparent that the moral-oriented feature discourse becomes clearer and an indispensible part of Vietnamese classroom. A similar situation found in the following case of teacher Manh’s class.
4.2. The money management case
Focusing on the topic of money management, teacher Manh invites several students to present their plan when they are given an amount of ten millions Vietnam Dong per month. The extract is taken after student Sam is nominated and finishes his presentation.
The moral influence from the teacher and student is found and located in line 40 and 54 when teacher raises ...

... middle of paper ...

...r’s authority, power asymmetry and morality influence, the social wrong addressed in Vietnamese classroom context is the existence of teachers’ strong sense of being the superior in terms of both epistemic and moral value. This social wrong leads to the teachers’ belief hold towards the students as inactive and uncritical subjects that need to guide in most of the classroom context. While power asymmetry examined through the IRF discourse pattern, modality, imperative mood and question type, morality is drawn both implicitly and explicitly from the employment of such authorative discourse patterns and the way value brought into the discourse. As a conclusion, the pilot analysis confirms the matching of theoretical framework with the actual classroom discourse and opens up interesting points and directions to investigate Vietnamese classroom discourse and future data.

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