A Positive Relationship Between New Media And Young Media Essay

A Positive Relationship Between New Media And Young Media Essay

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New media is referred to the process of distributing and exhibiting content instead of producing it, which is firstly summarized by Manovich (2001, p43). After stepping into digital era, the concept of new media commonly shows up in many scenarios and gradually became the mainstream force leading the digital economy. Considering China as a representative example, new media applications such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo are dominant components form its fast booming digital economy. Nevertheless, comparison between new media and old media never stops and it is always arguably whether new media truly overcomes the limitation of old media. This essay will pick one of the most favorable social networks Sina Weibo as example to investigate whether there is a positive relationship between new media and people’s participation in comparing with old media. And China will be the main context to be focused on as Weibo is actually a characteristic product born in China’s unique political and social background.

This essay is partially based on Lev Manovich’s theory of new media including its principle features and how it differs from old media. And Sina Weibo(Chinese:新浪微博) which in English means microblog, is a Chinese microblog website with application available on multiple devices. It had 100 million daily users and 222 subscribers by the third quarter of 2015 and 85% of them were on mobile devices (BusinessofApps, 2015). It is used by over …% Internet users in China( ). It allows people to create, upload short texts (usually less than 14 words) or other forms of media objects publically, also enables people to find people with common interests when it connects to the Internet. Accompanied by the increasing popularity of fragmentation reading, Weib...

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...ometimes widens people’s opportunity of participation whereas in some scenarios, it makes the inequality stands out. But what people can see is new media which is Weibo in this essay indeed promotes the interaction and connection between individuals and provides people with a freer playground where their diverse needs can be satisfied. It makes information and communication more transformable and release people from geographical or time restrictions. More and more people participates in and get involved in this enormous virtual community due to the presence of new media. The contributions made by it weights far more than its disadvantages which reminds people of old media’s limits. What should always be put at the forefront of head is how to improve new media’s shortcomings rather than blindly criticizes it for making similar mistakes which made by old media before.

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