A Portrait Of A Photograph By Errol Morris Essay example

A Portrait Of A Photograph By Errol Morris Essay example

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A Salute to a Father Aka President of the United States
A picture should become a photograph, it should tell a story. A photograph can be a flashback that can be captured in a person 's mind forever. In Errol Morris ' book, (193). In a way, he may be concluding that some people see through lies, some see what they want to see, but most people do not even bother to look. In telling the story of a photograph, the photographer may not only show it was real with just capturing a picture. They can talk about what led to taking the picture in different ways. Stan Stearns was the photographer who took the iconic image of a three-year-old John F. Kennedy, Jr. saluting the coffin of his father, John F. Kennedy, former United States president at father 's funeral. His image is one of the most-recognizable photographs in all over the world.
Many people fondly remember President Kennedy because he was associated with a nation that was on top, dynamic, energized and forward looking - Space, Peace Corps, Civil rights, and all with a youthful President and educated classy first lady, and two wonderful children. For Americans who were old enough to remember that time, the images probably blur together. When I discussed the Kennedy assassination with people, these people told me that the image that comes to their minds is the sequence from the famous Zapruder fim of the presidential car creeping through Dealey Plaza as the shots rang out. Other people told me about the famous photograph that was taken of Lee Harvey Oswald as Jack Ruby fired a single shot into his stomach. When I bring up the image of John F. Kennedy Jr when he salutes at his father 's funeral, the thoughts are thoughts that bring a more positive thoughts in their minds.
On the c...

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...tured the moment, Stearn’s photograph is made famous. He said that other photographers missed the capture of this photograph because they all focused their cameras on Jacqueline Kennedy or the president’s coffin. Stearns said that he was focused on the Kennedy family as they left the Cathedral. UPI staff writes,Stearns later recalled. He raises a question as to what an photograph may disclose or exclude and how circumstances shapes person’s knowledge and explanation of what is depicted in the photograph. Morris focuses on an image about the Hooded Man. Morris writes, Morris declares that the photograph clearly does not portray reality. At the moment John F. Kennedy’s was from in front of them, Jackie learned over and whispered to her son John F. Kennedy Jr.
He had to salute to his father. As Stearns witnessed the action. He provides as explanation as the UPI writes,

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