Essay on A Pledge to Meet the Needs of the World's Children

Essay on A Pledge to Meet the Needs of the World's Children

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In the year 2000 world leaders adopted millennium declaration, they pledged for a peaceful, tolerant and equitable world in which the social needs of children and those who are worst-off can be met. The Millennium Development Goals looks specifically at reducing inequity in human development in the world by 2015. A lot progress has been made in fighting disease and child mortality and also promoting gender equality, expanding education, ensuring safe drinking water and basic sanitation etc.
The study the researcher will be commenting on is about Child Support Grant, looking at how programme indicator for the child support grand could be modified to express and equity focus as stated above. First we will look at what exactly is equity.
UNICEF describes equity as a way that all children have an opportunity to survive, develop and reach their full potential without discrimination, bias or favouritism (UNICEF, 2010a). Equity is very important because it promotes fair society, political and strong economic society.Focus is to refine and focus on existing techniques.



The case study shows that children who receives Child Support Grant (CSG) in the first two years of their lives increases the chances that a child’s growth is monitored and improves height-for-age scores for children whose mothers have more than eight grades of schooling. Children’s development of the way they think depends on good nutrition and that is where the role of CSG comes from.


One of the most important issues that are covered by the MDG is that children need to have access to primary education and in ...

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Lack of information in this study has a big impact on why most people do not have access to CSG which affect children, they have different reasons like
• They think because they are working they think that they are not legible to have the grant because of the means test;
• They think that because their spouses are government officials they are not supposed to have access to grant even if they are not together anymore;
• Some don’t apply because the father is working but does not take care of the kids, and when they go the office to apply they are told that they can’t apply because the father is working
All this can be avoided by having officials going back to the community and explain in detail who is legible or not when it comes to Child Social Grant because people who are suffering and the end of the day are children

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