A Plea for Applied Science Essay

A Plea for Applied Science Essay

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It is often remarked that spring is the most delightful of seasons, but this is a sore done boon as our appreciation should truly lie under the harvest moon. Just as Mother Nature requires the rest of winter and the ripening of fall for the budding of spring, science requires practical applications on which to build pure theories. Through her application, science more truthfully reveals her mysteries.
It is not necessary to look forward to see the outcomes of science as they are upon us now. In physics, the advent of electricity has been awarded with the blossoming of an incandescent light bulb. The theoretical understanding of electricity has been able to transform electricity from a flash of lightening into a utility and has sparked further curiosity about magnetism. This application of pure scientific theory is simply another face of science. Just as a mathematician can supplement his/her understanding of geometry or algebra with their applications in architecture or economics, a physicist can nourish his/her understanding of the world in the application of theoretical principles.
A wholly theoretical account of nature cannot suffice as science. Just as a watch cannot be explained with all of its gears unless it is put into motion, nature cannot be wholly understood unless the theories of her functioning are put into application. To illustrate this point, one only has to look in the past at describing the mechanics of the cosmos. It was once naively thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that every object orbited in a peculiar path (epicycles). When Kepler looked through a recently created telescope at the orbits of newly discovered planets and he deduced that all planets rotate around the sun....

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...nking of the reactions that take place, it takes experimentation. This experimentation includes the application of the chemical theories. In its application, a researcher can see the theories of pure science explored in its entirety, but can also find novel uses of its products.
It is evident that pure science is the foundation of theories on which the science is built, but the application of these theories allow for a more concise understanding of the science. The application of science is not only a benefit to society in providing for many luxuries and making life less burdensome but it also helps progress science itself. Where an experiment may be able to isolate a specific variable of interest and test it, a full application provides for a complete understanding of the dynamics present in a conglomeration of forces and theories intertwined that is nature.

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