Essay on A Plan for Tourism Development in Korça County

Essay on A Plan for Tourism Development in Korça County

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A Plan for Tourism Development in Korça County
Regardless the rich potential and numerous attractions, Korça County is not yet in the position to develop a sustainable tourism industry unless it focuses on offering something unique that will distinguish it from other national and international destinations. To realize this we need first to identify any possible obstacle and later give solutions to improve the current situation. One important piece of literature is the recently developed Action Plan for Tourism in Korça County (2008), by the municipality of Korça. It presents the actual picture of the tourism potential in Korça. It also identifies the main partners in assisting the tourism development. This plan is the basis of my future work, which will provide further support to articulate my strategy for the Korça County. Very useful information is presented at the end of the plan, where there is a list of a variety of resources, including published works, travel guides, and websites, which might be useful for the topic.
Based on the literature mentioned in this study I have identified the following issues that restrain tourism development and some of the suggestions on how to overcome this transitional stage. They are as follows:
Issues that restrain tourism development:
• Difficulties in achieving sustainable tourism due to the lack of political will for concrete actions;
• Lack of federal and local institutions that monitor and guarantee the implementation of any tourism development plan;
• Generally the urban plans are not based on the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental analyses;
• The lack of an international standardized system to gather tourism statistical data;
• Not enough accommodation facilities to ...

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